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Custom Individual Box Quote

Custom Individual Box Quote

Make your event extra spesh with a custom sticker on your individual boxes. Fill in the fields below and we will get back to you asap with a quote for your stickers. 

*Please allow 4 weeks for custom sticker printing

Add the total number of stickered boxes required to this box (Min. order is 25)

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Large Order Delivery Information

We can personally deliver orders of 25+ brownies within 15km of Brisbane CBD, free of charge. Your discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.
Large orders outside of this delivery range can be collected from our bakery during business hours. Alternatively, we can help to organise a courier to deliver your order if it is outside of the 15klm zone. We will contact you when we receive your order if we need to discuss delivery options with you.

Allergy, Ingredient & Nutrition Information

Gluten-Free: I Heart Brownies are all Gluten-Free! We make them in our dedicated ‘Gluten-Free’ commercial kitchen.

Dairy-Free: If you are avoiding dairy, our Dairy-Free and Vegan flavours are suitable for you to consume.

Nut-Free: We do use nuts in our kitchen however we take care to minimise the risk of cross-contact between I Heart Brownies with nuts and those without.

Vegan: We have a Vegan brownie that will knock your socks off! Currently available in our Original Chocolate flavour.

Soy is present in the chocolate we use to make our brownies. If you are unable to eat soy, our brownies are unsuitable for you to consume.

If you are anaphylactic to nuts, egg, soy, or dairy we do not recommend that you consume our products.

You can find full ingredient and nutrition information for all of our brownie flavours Click here

Brownie Shelf Life

I Heart Brownies are preservative-free and best consumed within three days if kept at room temperature. If you refrigerate your brownies they will remain delicious for 3 weeks and when frozen, for 3 months!

Pro Tip: Keep your brownies in an air-tight container for max freshness.