Wedding & Celebration Brownies

Brownies are the perfect treat to accompany your celebration. From brownie towers to bonbonnieres, i heart brownies will wow your guests and help make your special day as unforgettable as you are.

Brownie Towers

Our ‘build your own’ brownie towers are easy to construct and a wonderful alternative to a traditional celebration cake.

Pro tip: adorn your tower with flowers to make it extra special!

Download and print our handy guide for a layer-by-layer guide to build a beautiful tower.

We recommend using 66 brownies for your tower however less brownies can be used to make a smaller tower. Using the downloadable guide, choose the number of tiers that you will need based on the number of brownies that you will be using.

Pro tip: eliminate the rows from the bottom of the tier first and work your layers from the outside to the inside.

Individually Boxed Brownies

Our individually boxed brownies are the perfect gift for your guests to take home. You can choose our own branded boxes or a plain white box. If you are looking for a personalised box, we can add a sticker, of your own creation, to the top of the white box to make it your very own.

Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to place my order?

We prefer as much notice as you can give us for your order. If you are waiting for your guests to RSVP, we recommend letting us know about your intended order at least 4 weeks in advance, with estimated numbers. You can place your final order at least one week in advance. NB – If you are having custom printed stickers, please note that the notice period is longer. 

How do I place my order?

All orders can be placed through our online store. Discounts for quantity orders will apply automatically in your checkout.
NB – Volume discounts do not apply to our Nutella or Salted Caramel brownies.


Do you offer discounts for purchasing large numbers of brownies?

We offer discounts on order volumes of over 24 brownies. Visit our Prices page to view our prices per volume.
Pro Tip: We offer free delivery within 10klm’s of Brisbane CBD for orders over $150

Dietary Requirements

Some of my guests have dietary requirements and I will be ordering some Vegan and some dairy-free brownies. How will I know which brownies are dairy-free and which ones are vegan?

We will always pack your dairy-free and vegan brownies separately from the rest of your order. If you are ordering our branded individual boxes, a tick-box on the rear of the box will have ‘dairy-free’ or ‘vegan’ selected.
NB; Visit our General FAQ page here for more information on our brownies and food allergies/insensitivities. We also have a downloadable version of our Nutrition Information if you or your guests would like to know what ingredients are in our brownies.


What is the storage life of your brownies?

Our brownies are preservative-free and will keep for;
– three days at room temperature
– three weeks refrigerated
– three months frozen
Pro Tip; Keep your brownies air-tight for max freshness


Can you deliver on the day of our celebration?

We deliver on weekdays (except public holidays) between midday and 5pm. We are unable to guarantee delivery at a specific time. Pro tip’s: We always recommend having your brownies delivered a day or two before your celebration. Most venues have cold room facilities that can be used to store your brownies to ensure that they remain fresh for your celebration.

Can you deliver directly to our celebration venue?

We can personally deliver brownies to venues within 15k’s of Brisbane CBD. For venues outside of this area, you will need to organise pick-up and delivery of your brownies.
NB; To ensure that your celebration brownies arrive at your venue in perfect condition, we choose not to send them with a courier.

Postponements & Cancellations

If my celebration is cancelled or postponed, can I get a refund or credit?

We understand that the world sometimes throws us and our best-laid plans a curve-ball and that you may need to postpone or cancel your event. If this happens we will work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs.
NB – We are unable to offer a credit or refund on orders that have already been delivered or in-transit for delivery. We cannot offer refunds on custom packaging that cannot be repurposed.

Brownie Towers

Can you set-up our brownie tower?

We are unable to build your brownie tower for you. We recommend asking a friend or relative if they feel comfortable doing this for you
Pro Tip: Most venues are happy to build the tower for you as well, just make sure you give them notice and supply them with the instructions.

What size cake stand will I need for my tower?

The 66 brownie tower fits a 30cm diameter cake stand perfectly

How far in advance can the tower be built?

We recommend building the tower no more than a few hours before your celebration and keeping it in an air-conditioned environment
Pro Tip: Just like a cake the longer your brownies are exposed to air, outside of a sealed box, the faster they will dry out

Can I choose any flavours for my brownie tower?

We recommend choosing brownies that are not overly soft for your tower. Softer brownies such as Raspberry, Turkish Delight, Nutella or Salted Caramel will cause your tower to collapse or lean to one side
Pro Tip: Choosing one brownie flavour for your tower will ensure that your guests are all happy and don’t experience neighbour-flavour envy.

Individual Boxes

How many brownies fit in the individual box?

Our individual boxes fit one perfectly portioned brownie

What are the dimensions of the individual boxes?

Our boxes are 7cm wide x 7cm long x 5cm high
NB – If you would prefer to source your own boxes, please ensure that they are at least 7cm x 7cm x 5cm

Custom Stickers for White Individual Boxes

Can you organise the design & or printing of our stickers for us?

We don’t offer design or printing services in-house. We recommend using Minuteman Press in Fortitude Valley for all of your sticker needs. Call them on (07) 3191 9762. If you choose this supplier we are happy to pick your stickers up at no extra charge. Stickers printed elsewhere will need to be delivered to our Bowen Hills bakery.
NB; We need to receive your printed stickers at least 14 days before we are due to dispatch your order.

What are the size, design and print specifications required for the stickers?

Your stickers will need to be; Size: Maximum 6.5cm square Paper Stock: Gloss Art Paper sticker with strong adhesive Print: Single-sided mono or colour