Without giving away our secret family recipe, we can tell you that I Heart Brownies taste exceptional because we hand-made them daily in small batches using quality ingredients. We love what we do and it shows! Our focus is on providing an exceptional product for a fair price. We don’t use additives, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and our kitchen is entirely gluten-free.

Gluten Free: I Heart Brownies are all Gluten-Free! We make them in our dedicated ‘Gluten-Free’ commercial kitchen.
Dairy Free: If you are avoiding dairy, our Dairy-Free and Vegan flavours are  suitable for you to consume.
Nut Free: We do use nuts in our kitchen however we take care to minimise the risk of cross-contact between I Heart Brownies with nuts and those without.
Vegan We have a Vegan brownie that will knock your socks off! Currently available in our Original Chocolate flavour.
Soy is present in both the chocolate and flour that we use to make our brownies. If you are unable to eat soy, our brownies are unsuitable for you to consume.

  • You can find full ingredient and nutrition information for all of our brownie flavours on our ‘Flavours’ page.

You can give us as much notice as you like but we’re total pro’s at baking so if you want I Heart Brownies, you got I Heart Brownies! We only accept online orders so head to our ‘shop’ page to place yours. Order online before midday for same day delivery (within 10km’s of Brisbane CBD).

I Heart Brownies are preservative-free and best consumed within a week of baking if kept at room temperature. If you refrigerate your brownies they will remain delicious for weeks and when frozen, for months!  Pro Tip; Keep your brownies in an air-tight container for max freshness.

I Heart Brownies is a family owned business in Brisbane, QLD. Generosity and giving have always been part of our core business values. While we would love to help many worthy causes, we are limited in our capacity.

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to offer financial support to any organisations.